Play Retro Sega Games on iPhone and Android Smartphones

If you ask any old timer who used to play games back in 80s and 90s, then they will tell you about Sega games and Sega consoles. Sega is a Japanese company and used to sell games and consoles not only in Japan but all over the world including the United States. Their Sonic game in which you play a hedgehog was immensely successful back in the early 1990s when kids played them in front of their bulky CRT televisions.

Now Sega is trying to bring all that fun for the newer generations by porting all those retro games for Android and iOS. This project of Sega is being called Sega Forever. A few months ago, they released the original Sonic CD completely free of charge for both the Android and iOS platforms (download full Sonic CD on iPhone and Android).

Sega Forever

And now they have added four more games to the collection of Sega Forever project. You can now install these games on Android through Google Play store and on iPhone through Apple App Store. This increases the total number of free ported games to five – Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star 2, Kid Chameleon and Comix Zone.

In order to install these games, you can either search for them on Google Play store or on Apple App Store for the different devices. But a quicker way is to just visit the Sega Forever website and tap on the respective links for the different games.

Sega Forever

On the Sega Forever website, they have also mentioned (and keep updating) about the future games that would be released after being ported to Android and iOS. As of today (June 23rd, 2017), they are showing a tennis game that would soon be made available. So it is a good idea to bookmark that website and keep checking it from time to time.

You can visit the Sega Forever website at