Black Bird Image Optimizer : Lossless Pictures File Size Reduction

When you have to share pictures on social networks, blogs and other similar places, usually you consider compressing them to reduce the file size. This is done because a smaller file loads faster in the browser as well as smartphone apps.  Personally, I have been using a number of image editors to do this images compression for me. Even though they all work and reduce the image file size, they also reduce the picture quality. When you view the original and the modified pictures side-by-side, you can easily tell the difference.

If you want lossless file reduction for the images, then you should try Black Bird Image Optimizer. According to the developers, this program uses completely new color quantization algorithms and is capable of lossless quality reduction of the image files. However, it can handle only two types of images – PNG and JPEG. But then only JPEG and PNG are the images used most of the time on the internet.

Black Bird Image Optimizer

The trial version of the program allows only 20 images to be compressed after which you will have to purchase a license. You can click on the Upload File button to select an image from your computer and it will immediately show you a “before and after” preview of the image along with the file sizes and the image resolution. For the sample JPEG image in my case, the file size was reduced to almost one-third of the original, but there was hardly any visible difference between the two. You can click on the Save button to save the compressed image to your computer.

Black Bird Image Optimizer

There are four different levels of image optimization available in this program. By default, it chooses “High Optimization” for you. But you can select anything from low, medium, high or brutal optimizations. The brutal optimization level gives the smallest possible file size for the selected image.

Conclusion: Black Bird Image Optimizer compresses JPEG and PNG images in such a way that the file size is reduced to a great degree without affecting the picture quality. The results are very impressive, however the limit of only 20 images in the trial version is very disappointing.

You can download Black Bird Image Optimizer from