Save Fonts as Pictures with Alternate Font Export

Alternate Font Export is a freeware tool that can export any font installed on your Windows PC into image files. It cannot work with individual font files like TTF or OTF – one of the conditions for it to work with fonts is that the font files should already be installed in your PC. So if you are working with TTF or OTF font files, you have to install them first. In order to install these font files, you can right-click on them and pick Install from the context-menu.

Once all of your font files (that you want to work with and export as images) are installed in Windows, you can then launch Alternate Font Export tool and click on the Select font button to select the desired font and its font size. It is the common font select dialog, so you can select the font style (italic, bold, strike-through etc) also. Next, you have to click on Select font color and Select background color buttons to change the colors of background and text characters of the resulting images.

Alternate Font Export

A preview of the whole character set for the selected font is displayed in the window. You can select any of the characters by clicking on it and it will display the hex code for that symbol/character. You can even right-click on any character and choose to copy it to the clipboard whether in the image format or as plain text.

For exporting the entire character set into images, you can click on the Export font button. It will ask you a destination and you should choose a folder where you want all the images to be copied. You also have to choose an image file type – it supports BMP, JPEG and GIF. Then it will save all the characters in their individual image files. In general, it saves 255 files (one for the each ASCII character set) for most of the fonts, unless there are less or more characters in the font file.

Conclusion: Alternate Font Export tool offers a unique approach to saving the fonts as image files. It can save individual images for all the entire characters set in the fonts.

You can download Alternate Font Export tool from