Dipiscan : Find Details of Machines on Your Network

Like everyone else, I also have my own WiFi router connected to the VDSL internet that I use for all of my devices like the desktop computers, notebooks, tablets TV and obviously the mobile phones. But from time to time when I check the router status, it displays some strange device with a new MAC address. Since I cannot find anything more from the router’s status window, I use free network analyzers like Dipiscan to find much more detailed information about all the machines connected to the WiFi network.

Dipiscan is a full featured network scanner that can be used to scan a range of IP addresses belonging to your local network. It shows you various details of the machines it finds like the IP address, ping reply, NetBIOS name, DNS name, domain, user name, MAC address, predicted network adapter, server, operating system, description, shares, and commentary. Obviously for all the machines all of this data is not available. For some of the machines, only the IP address and the MAC address is available. For other machines, you can actually see much more information including the operating system version.


Depending on the machine type, you can perform certain actions on them. For example, in the case of a Windows machine you can right click on the IP address in the scan list and choose to send a command to remotely shutdown or restart it. You can also wake up some machines through the WOL (WakeOnLan) feature.


Conclusion: Dipiscan can be used to scan your network for all the devices that are connected to it. Very useful information about the devices like the operating system and the MAC address can be seen. You can even execute the actions to remotely shutdown or restart the Windows machines on the network.

You can download Dipiscan from https://www.dipisoft.com/.


  1. Hi,

    Version 2.5 is out since few minutes.

    For information: in addition to French and English, the app now also includes translations (automatic translations for the moment) into German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

    damien, author of Dipiscan and all Dipisoft tools.

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