Easily Watermark All Videos Using Free Video Watermark Maker

There are dozens of programs on the internet that help you watermark your pictures, but very few that can be used to watermark your videos. And the ones that do offer this feature are either too bloated with unnecessary features or they take a long time to do the job. But the Free Video Watermark Maker is different from all of them – it is simple to use and works very fast of all types of video files. It can help you watermark the videos through both the text based or image based watermarks.

When you launch the Free Video Watermark Maker, it shows four steps about how you can watermark any video. It also has a link on the top of the window that takes you to a helpful page on the DVD Video Media website and that explains about how to use this software. But the software is so easy to use that you would hardly need any help.

The first thing that you have to do is open the video file by clicking on the Open File button. After this you have to decide whether you want a text based or image based watermark. Text based watermarks are easy – and this program allows you to enter the text, the font face, as well as the font color. But if you choose a image, make sure that it is designed properly using a graphics suite like GIMP and saved in the PNG format with transparency. You can drag the watermark around on the video preview to choose its location. Next you will have to choose an output folder and then click on the Start button.

Free Video Watermark Maker

It will take a few minutes before the job is completed. The software can make use of the multiple cores of your CPU and depending on the video file, the watermark type and the hardware, it will take shorter or longer for the job to finish. After this you can click on the Find Target button and locate the output video file.

Conclusion: Free Video Watermark Maker is perhaps the easiest and the simplest program that can help you with video watermarking. It supports both the text based and the image based watermarks.

You can download Free Video Watermark Maker from http://www.dvdvideomedia.com/videowatermarkmaker.html.