Game Wake : Portable Alarm Clock for Windows PC

Whether you are busy working on a project that must be completed by next week or enjoying the latest game that you have downloaded from Steam, you can end up spending hours without actually noticing it. Sometimes you realize that you were busy all night long on your computer, only when the daylight starts to shine through the windows of your room. And because you had the headphones covering both of your ears, you could not hear the alarm clock in your room (or your mom banging on your room’s door and trying to wake you up). If you can relate to these situations, then you will find Game Wake very useful. It is an alarm clock software for Windows computers that can be schedules to display visual or sound audible alerts at any time of your choice.

The Game Wake is a portable software and works on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You can set the alert time using the hour-minute control on the top of the Game Wake window. You can choose one type of the alerts from a number of many different kinds – alarm clock, beep, horn, Windows’ bing, or shutdown. First four of these alert are audible alerts and you can listen to what they sound like by clicking on the small “play” button next to them. The last option “shutdown” is going to shutdown your PC without much of a warning.

Game Wake : Alarm Clock

From the Edit menu, you can set the Game Wake into either a counter mode or the timer mode. You can also choose to flash the Game Wake window in a pre-defined color when the alert event is reached. You can pick any color of your choice for this. There is an option to display a text message too at the time alert timer goes off. You can use a message like “Enough gaming already. Go to bed now” to be displayed as the text message.

Verdict: Game Wake is an excellent alarm clock for all the PC gamers who often lose themselves in the games all night long and then feel sleepy all day at work or school. Using this timer, you can limit how much time you want to spend on playing games or other activities on your Windows PC.

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