Ellp Makes Life Easy for Windows PC Users

We all have our own habits and ways of working with our computers. Some of us plug-in the headphones into the 3.5mm socket of our notebooks before watching Youtube videos. I myself do all my music listening and video watching activities only when using a pair of good headphones. Imagine your computer knew about your habits and assisted you through your day-to-day activities. The free Ellp software does exactly that – it becomes your PC assistant that makes things much easier by automating some of the mundane tasks.

In the Ellp interface, they have provided a large number of cards. Each of these cards performs or automates one or the other things. These cards are categorized based on the popularity, productivity, performance, security, entertainment etc. They all are designed to do something when a certain condition is met. For example which application to launch, when you plug-in the headphones; or what to do when you are spending too much time on social networking sites. There are 25 cards at the moment, but more cards could be added in the future.


After selecting one of these cards, you can customize the various parameters of the card. For example, you can specify the music player application that is supposed to be launched when you plug-in your headphones. After this you have to activate the card and it will monitor for the condition to be met. Some of the cards that act on the same condition should not be both activated at the same time or it will cause some conflict.


When a condition is met and a certain action is taken by Ellp, it will show you a notification in the system tray area. This notification also has a small cog-wheel icon clicking on which you can open the Ellp card settings.


Conclusion: Ellp is a Windows computer assistant software that can automate some of the mundane tasks that we have to perform in our everyday life. The conditions and the actions to take are defined by “cards”. Currently there are 25 different cards, but more can be expected in near future.

You can download Ellp from https://www.ellp.com/.