TweakPower : Clean and Optimize Windows PC

There was a time McAfee used to produce a software called Nuts and Bolts. It was a comprehensive Windows tweaking software suite. I haven’t seen anything like that software until I was told to check the TweakPower software. TweakPower is a software suite that offers features to clean and optimize your Windows PC and streamline the operation of the whole system. It comes with a battery of tools to assist and automate tasks to improve the overall performance of your computer. It works with Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

As you launch the TweakPower software, it displays a summary of your Windows system. You can see the installed security products like the antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall and whether the system restore is enabled. The hard drive health status is displayed along with the bootup and shutdown times. Any issues with the drivers installed in your PC are also mentioned in this screen.


You can choose three power modes from here – economy mode, standard mode and the turbo mode. In the economy mode, it closes down non-essential background processes to reduce the power consumption and prolong your computer’s battery life. In the turbo mode, it closed down even more processes (over 70 different unnecessary processes) to release extra power for faster browsing, gaming and videos.


The software suite has all the tools that allow you to clean the registry, clean the web browser history, clean the system, auto-start management, shorten the startup and shutdown time. TweakPower also gives you the ability to efficiently manage a list of installed programs, remove system logs or unnecessary browser plugins. It also comes with a number of other tools that can be used to encrypt your files, shred files (overwriting them securely) or splitting some of the very large files into smaller fragments.

You can download TweakPower from