Manage Android Storage Space with ES Disk Analyzer

ES Disk Analyzer is an advanced app for management of the disk storage space on your Android devices. It can show you how the storage space on your device is being used, i.e., which type of files are claiming how much portion of the total storage and enables you to free up the storage by deleting some of the unnecessary files. It can show you details about the files that have been created recently (new files), files that are taking a large portion of the storage space (large files), files that are identical to some other files (redundant files) and how these files are located in which of the folders on the memory card.

When you launch the ES Disk Analyzer app, it shows you a graphical representation of all the redundant files on your device. All different types of files are shows in a different color, for example, music files are shown in the red while the video files are shown in the yellow color. You can tap on the Clean up button to free up disk space by eliminating the duplicate files, temporary files, log files, and the empty folders.

Apart from these features of disk analysis and cleaning up the unnecessary files, it can also help you extend your battery life. In the section “App Battery Usage”, it lists all the apps that have drained the battery the most in the past few hours/minutes. You can manage all these power consuming apps that keep running in the background to maximize the battery life.

ES Disk Analyzer

ES Disk Analyzer works not only for the internal SD card (the memory that is built inside a smartphone), but also for all kinds of storage devices connected to the smartphone. It can analyze the disk space for microSD cards, OTG USB drives, external hard drive connected through OTG cable and so on.

Conclusion: ES Disk Analyzer is a useful app for every Android smartphone/tablet. Using this tool, you can manage all the storage available on your Android device, clean up unnecessary files, manage battery draining apps and more.

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