How to Import Firefox Settings into Chrome Browser

I have been a very long time Firefox user. I remember someone told me about a new web browser in 2005 and I started using Firefox 1.5 for the very first time. Back then we used it for having fun on Friendster and it worked without any problems. But unfortunately, the newer versions of the Firefox web browser have become slower and system resources hogs. When I watch Youtube videos on Firefox 54.0, the computers freezes off and on (and I am using Acer laptop with intel Core i3 processor and 4GB RAM), but when I watch the same videos on Chrome browser, everything works smoothly.

So after so many years I finally decided to ditch Firefox forever. One thing I was worried about was that I will have to manually enter all the bookmarks and the passwords that I have saved in Firefox once again in the Chrome browser. But Chrome makes it very easy to import bookmarks and settings from Firefox into Chrome. Here is how you can import some of these settings from Firefox into Chrome:

  1. Close all the open Firefox windows and use Windows Task Manager to make sure that there are no firefox.exe processes running in the background.
  2. Launch Chrome web browser, click on the vertical ellipses to open the menu and then select Bookmarks followed by Import bookmarks and settings.Import Firefox Settings into Chrome
  3. A new window will open up in which you have to select Mozilla Firefox from the drop-down list. Then select all the items that you wish to import, for example, browsing history, bookmarks, saved passwords, search engines, autofill form data etc.Import Firefox Settings into Chrome
  4. Clicking on the Import button will read your saved data from the default Firefox profile and then import this data into Chrome. You will see an informative message to this effect.Import Firefox Settings into Chrome

So if you have also got tired of Firefox slowing down your system and causing a number of errors in the file system, then you can also switch to Chrome and import all of your settings from Firefox into Chrome.