Manage Windows Services with PC Services Optimizer

If you have just installed Windows 8.1 or 10 on any PC, then you would notice that some services keep running in the background all the time and claim a large portion of the system resources whether it is the CPU processing power or the internet bandwidth. For example, the BITS (background intelligent transfer service) puts a heavy load on the internet bandwidth for some reason. If you want to avoid dedicating a big size of the system resources to these services, you can use the PC Services Optimizer.

Using the PC Services Optimizer, you can manage the services installed in any Windows PC, you can diagnose the possible problems in the services, you can optimize them for a faster PC performance and switch to a “game mode” where most of the services are stopped and disabled so that your computer games can have the largest share of the system resources.

On the main screen of the PC Services Optimizer, you would see the status of the system resources like the disk usage, memory usage and the CPU usage. From this screen you can also launch the service diagnostics, enable the game mode, configure a user profile and enable the backup of services (services snapshots).

PC Services Optimizer

This program offers two ways of optimizing the services – manual and automatic. In the latter, you can perform the optimization in just a few clicks. But if you want the full control and if you understand details of various services, then you can go or the manual optimization.

PC Services Optimizer

If you want to play PC games and want to dedicate most of the RAM, CPU and other resources to your gaming, then you can enable the game mode. You can even configure how the game mode works. For example, you can choose to disable the visual effects, turn off Windows searching/indexing services, disable the support for various peripheral devices and more.

PC Services Optimizer

Conclusion: PC Services Optimizer helps you manage and optimize the services installed in Windows. It can diagnose problems with different services, creates a backup of services and offers a game mode for the PC gamers.

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