Scan PC for Malware with Arcabit Rescue Disk

There are many times when the malware infection either corrupts the file system to a level that it cannot boot into Windows, or it hinders the scanning of malware when an attempt is made from inside Windows. In all of these cases, you should use a bootable rescue disk offered free by many antivirus vendors. The Polish antivirus vendor popular for making the Arcabit antivirus software also offers a tool like this called Arcabit Rescue Disk.

This Arcabit Rescue Disk can be either a bootable CD/DVD or a bootable USB drive. Arcabit offers a convenient tool to create both of these. Unfortunately, the tool and the rescue disk both are available in the Polish language only. But you can still use them using Google Translate tool in your smartphone.

In order to create the bootable rescue disk, you have to download the Arcabit Rescue Disk Generator tool. It is a very small tool and can help you download the ISO files and use them to create the rescue disk. You would need a blank CD or DVD or a USB pen drive of at least 1 GB capacity. You have to choose the first option (to download the current version of ISO file), choose the DVD drive or USB drive and then click on the Generate Arcabit Rescue Disk button.

Arcabit Rescue Disk

After the Arcabit Rescue Disk has been created, you can boot into your PC using this. It will load a custom Linux interface and you would be able to scan all the hard drives and their partitions. Just select all the partitions and click on the Scan button. Since the antivirus scanner is run in complete isolation, it is able to remove and neutralize even the most complex forms of malware infections.

Arcabit Rescue Disk

Conclusion: Even though exclusively in the Polish language, Arcabit Rescue Disk can be used to detect and remove malware infection from your PC. It uses the latest malware definitions and the same antivirus engine as the Arcabit Antivirus.

You can download the Arcabit Rescue Disk Generator from