O&O FileDirect : Share Files Directly from PC

There are hundreds of online file sharing services that are available today for the Windows PC users. The way these services usually work is that you have to upload your file to the servers of these file sharing services and it will give you a link for sharing the files. Then you can give this link to anyone who want to download the files. Almost all the cloud storage services like Box.net, Google Drive, OneDrive, SpiderOak, Dropbox etc, use the same method when you want to share your files.

But what if you do not want to upload your files to any of these servers and still want to be able to share files? For this you can use the free software called O&O FileDirect that makes it possible to share an unlimited number of files without having to load them in the cloud.

O&O FileDirect

The software has be to installed on the Windows computer of the people who want to share their files. Once installed, you can launch O&O FileDirect and then drag-n-drop the file that you want to share on its window. It will create a link in the Create Link tab and give you options to share it via various social networking services. You can also decide whether the link will be available for an unlimited number of days, or you can limit it by number of days and number of downloads. You can manage  all of your previously shared files from under the Shared Files tab and remove them from being shared.

O&O FileDirect

Whenever a person uses the shared link to download these shared files, the O&O FileDirect servers will direct them to your PC because O&O FileDirect software running on your PC is actually a mini file server in itself. But your PC must be running at all the times for this to work, or the files could not be downloaded.

Conclusion: O&O FileDirect is a simple way to share files directly from your PC compared to first uploading them on the cloud. This is simpler than running a FTP server on your PC and does not require any difficult configurations either.

You can download O&O FileDirect from https://www.oo-software.com/en/filedirect.