JoyoBox Cleaner : PC Cleanup and Maintenance Utility

Using your Windows PC everyday is very much similar to working in a kitchen. If you do not clean up every now and then, it is going to become a big mess pretty soon and then you won’t be able to find your way through it. You can hire help to keep your kitchen clean, but for Windows PC you can just use the JoyoBox Cleaner software. It is a powerful program for keeping your Windows PC clean and comes with many different features.

JoyoBox Cleaner comes in a portable program package but it does require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 to be installed on your PC. After you launch this program, you have to select one of the tabs in the program and then click on the Start Scan button. For example, you can select the Registry Cleaner tab, click on the Start Scan button and it will find all the obsolete entries in the Windows’ Registry. Other tabs that you can select include Disk Cleaner, History Cleaning, Manual Cleaning etc.

JoyoBox Cleaner

Under the Startup Manager tab you can find all the programs that are configured to be launched automatically at Windows startup. These auto-starting programs can make your system slow as they are loading each time you start your Windows PC. You should disable/remove some of the unwanted or unnecessary programs from this section.

The Uninstall Manager tab contains a list of all the programs that you have installed in your PC. You can double-click on any of these entries to open Registry Editor with the uninstall program entries highlighted and make corrections if needed. You can also click on the big Uninstall button to remove any of the programs that you do not really use anymore.

Conclusion: JoyoBox Cleaner is an easy-to-use PC cleaning and maintenance utility. You can use its 1-click maintenance feature to instantly perform all the cleaning tasks quickly in a few seconds.

You can download JoyoBox Cleaner from