Phrozen Windows Privacy Tweaker Stops Unwanted Spying in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with many services and features that spy on how everyone is using their Windows computers. This data collection is enabled by default and sent over to Microsoft servers without the average user knowing how and why is this data is being collected. Microsoft has replied many times that they are collecting this data only to enhance the operating system and for improving on the feature provided by them. But through a number of telemetry and tracking services they keep collecting data including Wi-Fi passwords and the user behavior and their usage patterns.

Using the free Phrozen Windows Privacy Tweaker software you can change some of the settings in Windows to stop all this spying from Microsoft. For an average user the data collection really does not matter, but if you feel like your privacy has been compromised and you are feeling paranoid over this fact, only then you should consider this tool. This tool also works for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 because those versions of Windows also contained some of the tracking components.

Windows Privacy Tweaker

Upon launching the Windows Privacy Tweaker software, you are shown a legend meaning – red or green, red indicating the setting is not safe and green indicating the setting is safe. All these settings are categorized under different tabs – services, scheduler and registry. You can check or uncheck these settings to toggle them on or off.

Windows Privacy Tweaker


You can also use some of the command line parameters to quickly set these settings to a safe level (meaning turning off all the data collection). For example, if you give the parameter /fixall, then it will set all the settings to a safe level (green). After making changes to the settings, you have to reboot your PC for the changes to take effect. You can actually give the parameter /reboot  /fixall to automatically reboot your PC after making changes.

Windows Privacy Tweaker

Conclusion: Windows Privacy Tweaker can quickly end all the spying and data collection in Windows 10. This portable and lightweight software works mainly with Windows 10, but can also be used in earlier versions of Windows.

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  1. > Conclusion: Windows Privacy Tweaker can quickly end all the spying and data collection in Windows 10.

    It’s a good app, but your conclusion is totally wrong: Microsoft is constantly adding, moving and re-enabling telemetry settings. No telemetry blocker “ends all the spying and data collection in Windows 10”. And some telemetry cannot be disabled without breaking critical functions that you need. If you want privacy, you will have to use an open source OS, like Linux or BSD.

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