Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Finds Suspicious Files in Windows

Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) is a free and very useful tool to find possible malware on your Windows computer. It is not an antivirus software in itself, but rather an analysis tool that helps you analyze your PC and go through some of the key areas where the malicious files often hide themselves. For example, it can go through some of the vital places in the Windows registry, auto-start locations etc. In the end, it displays the scan results to you from where you can see all the modules and programs being loaded in your PC and can make an informed decision yourself. In other words, this program is not meant for ordinary Windows users but it is only for the advanced users and the system administrators.

FRST has many different options in its small window – you can scan your PC, search files, search registry or fix problems found earlier. You can whitelist different parts of your PC like the drivers, processes, registry and services. And you can run an additional scan which including running MD5 scan of drivers, finding all files created in last 90 days, and listing the BCD entries.

Farbar Recovery Scan Tool

Upon the successful execution of the scanning, the program finds all the possible suspicious applications and other malicious data in the operating system. It makes a thorough diagnosis of the whole computer system so that you can choose to fix the problems related to harmful applications and other errors that negatively impact the startup and operation of your Windows computer.

As earlier stated, FRST generates two logs after the successful completion of the scanning process – FRST log and the additional scanning log. From these logs we can read all the important information and the contents of system files and other data extremely important for the proper functioning of the operating system. Both these log files are saved in the same folder where “FRST.exe” is located.

Conclusion: Farbar Recovery Scan Tool is not meant for the inexperienced users and provides a thorough analysis of the Windows operating system relevant to the possible presence of malicious files or other unwanted settings.

You can download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool from https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/farbar-recovery-scan-tool/