Ransom Away Protects Against Petya Ransomware

In the month of May 2017 WannaCry ransomware dominated the security news sites and everyone called it the deadliest ransomware of that time. But only the very next month (June 2017) now they have another ransomware called Petya or PetyaWrap that is spreading like wild fire. This new ransomware combines a number of tricks learned from many different older ransomware and makes use of the EternalBlue vulnerability in Windows which was also used by the WannaCry ransomware.

We have already published about how you can take some measures to stay safe and protected from the Petya ransomware. But you can also make use of some additional tools like Ransom Away to make sure that this new ransomware does not cause any damage in your PC. This tool is a very small and portable program that basically creates just one file in your Windows directory to prevent Petya ransomware from encrypting your files.

You can launch Ransom Away and click on the Start button or the RansomAway button on the top of the window to start the immunization process. You will notice the message that it has created a read-only file C:\Windows\perfc.dat and that your computer is now immunized. This file is only 2 bytes in size and contains just two characters (@ followed by a null character). When the Petya ransomware finds this read-only file it does not encrypt the contents of your hard disk. And you stay safe from the data destruction routines that it employs.

Ransom Away

However, you should not rely on only this utility alone as your defense against the Petya ransomware. You should also follow all the various instructions as we have mentioned in a previous article about staying protected from Petya ransomware. which includes installing a good, reliable antivirus product on your PC.

You can download Ransom Away from https://www.securedglobe.net/ransomaway.