ReHIPS Provides Defense Against Malware Through HIPS

ReHIPS is an antimalware program that makes use of the HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) technology to protect your computer. It does not rely on malware definitions and thus is able to detect and stop even the newest of the malware. It also provides many other security features like sandboxing to isolate the processes so that they cannot make changes to the file system unless it is explicitly desired by the user. What makes ReHIPS different from other similar sandboxing security programs is that it does not hook into the system kernel to provide the sandbox. Instead it uses the in-built access control mechanisms to ensure that your computer and the data stored on it stay safe.

ReHIPS is available for all the versions of Windows starting from Vista to Windows 10. It can work along side other security programs like your regular antivirus software, but older computers could experience system lag in that case. After the installation, it begins to install a set of pre-configured rules for hundreds of different programs so that you do not have to configure them yourself.

By default, the ReHIPS program uses the learning mode in the beginning. But you can launch the ReHIPS interface by double-clicking on its icon in the system tray and then choosing one of the levels – disabled, learning, permissive, standard and expert. You can also disable the camera and microphone built inside your notebook in order to prevent someone spy on you through these.


You can right-click on any application and choose the options to run it in the sandboxed mode by selecting Run Isolated in ReHIPS. Whenever you launch a new program, it asks you for the permissions. But if you want to configure or change these settings for various programs or software vendors, then you can do so from the ReHIPS settings. You can change the permissions and other settings for various programs, modify the trusted vendors list or the trusted command lines list.


Conclusion: ReHIPS uses the innovative host-based intrusion prevention system to protect your computer against malware infections, ransomware and the unwanted changes made by different programs. It allows you to sandbox any application to avoid unwanted modifications.

You can download ReHIPS from