Grab Free Games from Ubisoft This Weekend

If you are tired of playing the same games over and over again, then this weekend you can grab three games from Ubisoft for free. They are giving away three very popular games from 9th June, 2017 to 13th June, 2013. The games that they are giving away are Steep, Tom Clancey’s The Division, and Trials Fusion. Two of the three of these are open-world online games.

Steep was released only last December and is an open-world action sports game featuring paragliding, skiing, wingsuit flying, snowboarding and more. It was released for Play Station 4, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and you can also play it on Xbox.

Free Ubisoft Games

Tom Clancey’s The Division is a third person shooter game. Like Steep, it is also open-world online game in which you play as a member of a team investigating the virus infection in Manhattan, New York. There are many missions and you have to finish many goals. It will keep you occupied for many many days just to find the sample of the virus.

Trials Fusion is a racing game, if you get bored of playing the first two game Steep or The Division. It is a motorbike racing game in which you control the player and not only focus on the racing, but also to perform various tricks like flipping in the air while riding the bike.

Free Ubisoft Games

In order to claim these games for free, you have to visit Ubisoft’s website before 13th June, 2017. You can then login to your Ubisoft account (the same account you use for Uplay game client. As soon as you login, these games will be added to your account. After this you can launch Uplay and start downloading them.