Restart & Shutdown Remote Machines with Dipisoft WakeOnLan

In various office building and other places where they have a large network, it is often desired to connect to a particular machine that is on the network. But if that machine is not powered on, how would you use it through a network. You can either go to that machine and physically turn it on, or use Difisoft WakeOnLan to turn it on remotely. WakeOnLan uses WOL (Wake on LAN) and WOW (Wake on WAN) commands to turn on any PC on the local network or on the internet. In addition, WakeOnLan can also be used to restart, shutdown and log out from the current session for the machines on the LAN or WAN.

After the installation of Dipisoft WakeOnLan, you start by adding a computer or user to the list of all the computers. For this, you have to click on the Add button and it will open a new window. You have to enter the name of the computer, the IP address for that computer and the MAC address of its network adapter. There are other entries to be filled in, but they are all optional.


Once a machine has been added to WakeOnLan list, you can select it from the list and click on the Ping Selection to ping that machine. The results of the ping indicate whether that machine is turned on and working. It is the quickest way to know if a machine is turned on. If the machine is not turned on, then you can click on the Wake Up Selection and choose one of the options. If you want to take any other actions for the machine like logging out, shutting it down or rebooting then you can click on Act on Selection and pick one of the options from there.


Conclusion: Dipisoft WakeOnLan can be used to wake up machines connected to the same local area network or the internet. It supports taking other actions for the remote machines too, for example, shutdown or log out etc.

You can download Dipisoft WakeOnLan from