Nero Music Recorder : Listen to Thousands of Radio Stations

When I was eight years old, my grandpa showed me how he listened to radio stations being broadcasted across the world using his very old 1960s radio. It was a very exciting experience for me. Perhaps this is why I still get excited to try out new online radio software. I have tried TapinRadio, Radio Maximus, Radio Tuna, Radio Sure, Screamer Radio and many other online radio software for various platforms. Until now I had not seen a major software company producing such software. But now Nero has come forward with their Nero Music Recorder software that allows you to listen to thousands of radio stations as well as record them into MP3 files. According to their website, it has over 100,000 radio stations listed for your listening pleasure.

The Nero Music Recorder is a free software but can be upgraded into a commercial version that has many more features. The downloaded setup file is around 70-75 MB in total and it takes a while for the setup to complete. Then Nero Music Recorder launches (or you can launch it manually) and shows you a search box to find radio stations. You can search based on a number of criteria like the genre, country, artists and more. You can even search for a song and it will find one or more than one radio stations playing that song somewhere in the world!

Nero Music Recorder

You can record the currently being played radio station in two forms – continuously or split between tracks. In the former case, it will create a huge MP3 file with everything in the same file. In the latter case, it will create multiple MP3 files breaking down songs or talk shows into an MP3 file of their own. You can also stream a radio station to your AirPlay ready devices (like iPhone).

Nero Music Recorder

Conclusion: Nero Music Recorder allows you to listen to thousands of radio stations from all over the world. You can also record these shows and save them as MP3 files along with ID3 tags.

You can download Nero Music Recorder from