How to Update Wallpaper with Dynamically Changing Images in Windows

Back when Microsoft had first released Windows 95, changing the desktop wallpaper was something that you had to learn by reading books. I remember going through an old book that always stayed on my mom’s desk and it was titled – “Windows 95 Made Easy”. One of the things it teaches is how you can set the desktop wallpaper. But now everyone and their grandma knows how to change the desktop background or wallpaper. But if you have a dynamically changing image and you want to use it as your computer’s desktop wallpaper, then you run into a problem.

Problem is that Windows does not update the wallpaper when the image that was used to set the wallpaper has changed. The wallpaper gets stuck to the older version of the image unless you manually set it again. Without any attempt on your part, Windows does not check the dynamically changing wallpaper image for any changes and as such you are left with the old wallpaper image.

There is a simple solution for this problem – to use the Task Scheduler in order to keep updating the wallpaper so that Windows desktop wallpaper is always up-to-date and in sync with the newest version of the wallpaper image. For this, you have to open an elevated command prompt and give the following command in it:

schtasks.exe /create /SC HOURLY /TN WallpaperUpdater /TR “rundll32.exe user32.DLL,SystemParametersInfo 20 0 C:\Wall\wallpaper.bmp 1”

Update Windows Wallpaper Hourly

Obviously you have to change the C:\Wall\wallpaper.bmp with the full path of the wallpaper image that you wan to assign as the desktop wallpaper. This will create a new scheduled task that will keep updating the wallpaper every hour. You can change this frequency by changing the /SC parameter in the this command. For example, if you want to update the wallpaper daily then you can use the parameter /SC DAILY.