View Your IP Address in Firefox Toolbar with Realtime IP Check

More and more people are switching to VPN services to secure their online connections and to hide their IP address online. VPN services assign your computer a completely different IP address so that you can visit websites anonymously. Many of these VPN services keep changing the IP address after a regular interval to provide even better identity protection. But how would you know when your IP address has changed? Fortunately, if you are a Firefox user, you can use an extension called Realtime IP Check that can display the current IP address in the Firefox toolbar.

Realtime IP Check

The IP address displayed has color codes. If the IP address displayed in the Firefox toolbar has red color, then it means it has changed recently. You can click on the IP address to make it green which basically means that you have noted and are okay with the change. And if you disable the IP checking by middle-clicking on the IP address or using Ctrl+Click action on the IP address, then it will turn blue.

Realtime IP Check

If you right-click on the IP address, you can choose which online service you want to use for checking the IP address. There are seven different online services including the ones from Amazon and Akamai. In addition, you can also use your own script or executable that outputs the IPv4 in the format

Realtime IP Check

In the settings for the Realtime IP Check, you can choose the frequency time interval for checking the IP address. The default frequency for checking the IP address is 20 seconds. You can also specify your executable file from the options that gives the IP address as its output.

You can get the Realtime IP Check from

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