How to Save and Load DuckDuckGo Settings to Cloud

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that offers no-tracking protection in order to protect your online privacy. It is also faster in comparison with some of the other search engines like Yahoo Search and Bing. It offers add-ons and extensions for almost all the web browsers and allows you to configure the settings to tune up the search engine to your personal taste. These settings are saved for the current used web browser on the local hard disk but you can also save the settings to the cloud and load them back in any web browser on any other computer. Good thing is that DuckDuckGo does not force you to create any user account like some other web browsers for this simple function. Here is how you can save or load DuckDuckGo settings:

  1. In your web browser visit On the right-side you will see the “Cloud Save” options. Click on the Save Settings button.DuckDuckGo Cloud Save
  2. You have to enter a unique pass phrase. This same pass phrase is needed later when you want to load the saved settings. You can think one yourself, or you can click on Suggest a phrase to make DuckDuckGo think of one for you.DuckDuckGo Cloud Save
  3. As soon as you enter the pass phrase and click on the Save button, your current DuckDuckGo settings are saved on the cloud. Any future setting changes will also be saved since the “Cloud Save” option is enabled.DuckDuckGo Cloud Save
  4. Now on a different computer or a different web browser if you want to load these settings, then you will have to visit again. This time you have to click on the Load Settings button.DuckDuckGo Cloud Save
  5. You have to enter the pass phrase that you used in the step 2 above and click on the Load button. Your DuckDuckGo settings will be loaded and “Cloud Save” option will be enabled.DuckDuckGo Cloud Save

As you can see, DuckDuckGo did not force you to create any user account and you were still able to save your settings. The settings saved on the cloud server do not contain any personal information.


  1. This feature was working for me in conjunction with using DuckDuckGo search with FireFox browser. Today, phrase wasn’t working – not being accepted – so I attempted to reset everything and use a new phrase. Went into tools/options for Firefox…everything seems to be working fine but for this. A good feature so I do not have to indicate settings preferences every log on.

    Ralph Law

    1. Just checked with Firefox browser version 62.0.3 64-bit on Windows 10. It is working as expected. Perhaps some add-on is interfering in your case. Try disabling all add-ons and check again.

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