Windows Privacy Dashboard : Configure Privacy Settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 was very well received at first when it was released almost two years ago. But pretty soon everyone got tired of frequent updates containing drastic changes and many people reverted back to Windows 7. In fact, I know many PC gamers who choose to install Windows 7 SP1 on their brand new gaming rigs and avoid Windows 10. The reason is simple, there are too many components in Windows 10 that keep working in the background and harvesting the user generated data. There are many programs that can help you configure the privacy settings in Windows 10 but Windows Privacy Dashboard (WPD) makes it much easier for anyone to make these changes to enhance the user privacy.

Windows Privacy Dashboard (WPD) is a program that can tweak Windows settings and packs all the settings in one place. Through this program can customize Group Policy, Services and Tasks responsible for data collection and transmission in Windows 10. Additionally, it is also capable of blocking a number of IP addresses belonging to Microsoft’s servers to prevent any data being sent to Microsoft. But blocking the IP addresses is a little extreme and will also block many of the mainstream Microsoft services and websites like Bing and Outlook.

Windows Privacy Dashboard

From the main screen of the WPD, you can choose the four modules of the program  – Privacy, Firewall, Apps, Tweaker. In the Privacy section, you can enable or disable various group policies, services and tasks that could control how the data is harvested by Windows 10. In the Firewall section, you have one-click buttons for settings all the rules for blocking Windows Telemetry, Third Party Apps and Windows Updates.

Windows Privacy Dashboard

Under the Apps section, you have the options to remove the various apps that come installed in Windows 10. In the Tweaker section, you can toggle various options like clearing of the swap file during restart, access to the webcam, access to the microphone and more.

Windows Privacy Dashboard

Conclusion: Windows Privacy Dashboard (WPD) is a portable and handy tool for making sure that your privacy is protected in Windows 10. Using this program, you can configure privacy settings, remove apps, set firewall rules and more.

You can download Windows Privacy Dashboard (WPD) from