Cryptermite : File Encryption Tool for Windows

One of my friends used to work for a PC repair shop and often she would talk about the weird pictures that people store in their computers. Many times when you send your computer for repair, some technicians might look at your personal files. This can easily be avoided using a simple file encryption tool. Such a file encryption too comes handy if you do not want others to access your files without permission. For example, when you have to take your computer to the service center or the repair shop,  you can encrypt your files to avoid the technicians looking at your secret documents.

For this, you can use the portable encryption tool called Cryptermite. This free tool is able to encrypt your files using very strong algorithms like AES, Serpent, Blowfish, Twofish, Triple DES, RSA etc. Obviously out of all the ciphers used by this tool the AES is the strongest and should be used for encrypting important documents. But others are also very powerful. Additionally, it also offers file hashing algorithms like SHA256, SHA512, SHA1, RIPEMD160, MD5, MD4 and CRC32.

In the Cryptermite window, you can find all the different functions like file encryption, file hashing, text hashing, RSA digitally signing, and more. For the file encryption, you can choose the encryption cipher, choose to securely erase the original file, create an EXE etc. You can also digitally sign the file using RSA key and verify the digital signature if the file is already digitally signed.


Other features offered by the Cryptermite are bitcoin address generator and hiding images inside other files. Both of these features are not very useful because if you want to create a new bitcoin address, you would be using a bitcoin wallet manager already and that software can generate new addresses automatically.

Conclusion: Cryptermite is a portable file encryption utility that offers very strong encryption ciphers like RSA and AES. Moreover, it comes packed with other features like digitally signing files, file hashing etc.

You can download Cryptermite from