Erase Data Irrecoverably ByeBye Data Eraser

Decades ago, if you had to recover your deleted data, then you had to go to data recovery specialists and spend a fortune to get back a few of your files. But things have changed drastically since then. Now you can download a data recovery software like Recuva and recover any deleted file from any hard drive or any other kind of memory storage device. But this also forces you to take extra precaution when disposing off of hard drives that previously stored sensitive information like the income tax documents.

If you want to make sure that nobody can recover such sensitive or private information, then you have to securely erase all such data using special tools like ByeBye Data Eraser. This tool is available in many different editions – free, pro for home users, pro for businesses, and the admin edition. In the free version there are a few features locked – for example, you cannot create a bootable media or you cannot erase free space.

ByeBye Data Eraser

In order to delete files or folders or an entire partition, you have to add them to the list on the right in the ByeBye Data Eraser. After this, you have to pick one of the secure erase methods from the list of options – simple overwrite, advanced overwrite, complex overwrite and very complex overwrite. Each of these secure erase categories have one or more than one methods. After you have made a selection, you can simple click on Erase Now button and it will go straight to work. Depending on the size of the files and the secure erase method used, it may take smaller or longer time to complete.

Conclusion: ByeBye Data Eraser is an easy to use secure data erasing software for Windows. It supports fourteen different secure erase methods and can be used with a large number of memory storage devices.

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