Cut Down on Stress with Fidget Spinner for Chrome Browser

Whether it is personal life or your time at work, everyday life is becoming more and more stressful. But we have to find ways to bust our stress and relax to make sure this stress does not evolve into depression. There are many different ways to do this, for example, you can take a time out every hour at your work place, you can take a walk outside every few hours, and so on. Once on an NPR radio program they suggested to do ten jumping jacks every hour, but I don’t know if anyone followed that advice.

Another thing that has become suddenly very popular is the fidget spinner toy that has four circular sections – one in the center and three others around it separated 120 degrees apart. You can press the central part of this toy and it starts to spin. The spinning motion of this toy can absorb the attention of your mind and hence relieves you from other thoughts. But if you are a Chrome web browser user, then you do not need the real fidget spinner toy. Rather you can use the Fidget Spinner extension to relieve your stress for a while.

Fidget Spinner for Chrome

After installing this extension, you can click on the new icon in the Chrome browser’s toolbar and then click on the big image of the fidget spinner to make it spin. If you have a touch screen then you can simply tap on this toy to make it spin. You can choose from six different colors for this virtual fidget spinner toy. You can even choose one of your images of a fidget spinner to be used in this extension.

Fidget Spinner for Chrome

While the extension works great, it would have been even better if the fidget spinner could go full-screen or at least could be seen inside the browser window. The small image spinning in the extension menu is not very impressive.

You can download & install Fidget Spinner extension from