How to Set Active Hours for Your Windows 10 PC

Microsoft has done a total overhaul when it comes to delivering the regular monthly updates to the Windows 10 computers compared to what the situation was for the Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. In the older version of Windows, you could see users utter expletives whenever Windows announced that it is going to reboot their computer following an automatic install of updates while those users were in the middle of doing their daily work. Even I have those fond memories when I have smashed the keyboard and glared at the computer screen angrily. But Windows 10 has brought some relief – now you can tell Windows not to reboot your PC during the work hours or the active hours.

Here is how you can set the active hours (aka work hours) for your Windows 10 PC:

  1. Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard to open the Start menu and select the cogwheel icon to open the Windows settings.
  2. In the settings window, click on Update & Security to open the automatic update related settings.Set Active Hours in Windows 10
  3. In the window that shows up, click on the Windows Update in the left side and then on Change active hours.Set Active Hours in Windows 10
  4. A new window will open where you can set the start time and the end time for the time duration when you use your Windows 10 computer. After choosing the time range, click on the Save button.Set Active Hours in Windows 10

Now even when a reboot is very necessary for Windows to finish installing the new updates, it won’t instantly reboot your PC and will wait for the active hours to be over first. Of course, you can also reboot the PC manually and let Windows finish the updates. This way you won’t have to go through the irritating experience of sudden reboots while you were in the middle of your work or something else.