Delete User Activity Traces in Windows with Shellbag Analyzer & Cleaner

No matter what you do in your Windows computer, your activity is bound to leave some or other traces behind whether in the configuration files or in the Windows registry. In fact, the Windows operating system uses a certain set of registry keys known as “shellbags”. These shellbag registry keys are used to hold the information about various folders that you open in the Windows File Explorer, about various items you access in the Windows Control Panel,  and the items that you look for using the search function of the File Explorer.

These shellbag registry keys can be used to track your user activity in your Windows PC – which folders you accessed, which folders were deleted, whether you used an external USB drive or a network drive and which actions were taken etc. You can find more technical information about the shellbag registry keys at

Shellbag Analyzer & Cleaner

But if you just want to find out what information your computer’s shellbag registry keys hold then you can use the free Shellbag Analyzer & Cleaner. This same tool can also be used to clean the shellbag entries. This is a portable tool, so you can launch it without having to install anything. Clicking on the Analyze button will find the entries from the registry and list them in the window.

You can find the entries belonging to various categories by selecting a category from the drop-down listbox – deleted folders, folders on network/external devices, existing folders, control panel & system, search results and so on. And if you want to clean these items from the registry, you can select the ones that you want to be cleaned and click on the Clean button.

Shellbag Analyzer & Cleaner

Conclusion: Shellbag Analyzer & Cleaner can find and clean the hidden items in the Windows registry that can carry information about your user activity – the folders you opened, the folders you have deleted, network drives, removable drives and so on.

You can download Shellbag Analyzer & Cleaner from