How to Find Replacement Battery for Your Laptop/Notebook

Notebook computers commonly known as the laptops run on lithium-ion batteries and as we all know these batteries keep losing their capacity whether you use them or not. So even if you keep your laptop plugged in to the AC charger cable, you might think that your battery will last longer – it will have very small effect on the overall lifespan of the battery. In the span of around one or two years (depending on how much you use your computer), your laptop battery will stop holding as much charge as it used to store once and then you would need to buy a new battery for it.

When that time comes, you can either take your notebook computer to the nearest service center of the manufacturer and they will replace it for you, albeit charging you a lot of money. Or you can shop around for a little bit cheaper replacement battery for your laptop. You can actually find batteries that are a lot cheaper on eBay or Amazon.

The first thing you will have to do is find the part number (P/N) of your battery. For this, you can use a software like HWiNFO that can tell you everything about your computer’s hardware including the battery. But this works only if the battery firmware is able to send the data to the operating system.

Battery Replacement for Laptops

If the battery is not supplying this data, then you have manually open up the laptop and find out the part number printed on the battery itself. Again, this is possible only if the laptop allows the battery to be removed easily. Most of the laptop allows you to quickly slide out the battery by pushing a few buttons.

Battery Replacement for Laptops

If you have to open dozens of screws and take the whole laptop apart to find the battery, then it is not worth it. In this case, you have to visit the manufacturer website and find information about your notebook computer. Perhaps, you would be able to find compatible batteries for your laptop.

Battery Replacement for Laptops

Once you have the part number for your laptop’s battery, you can simply search for it on Amazon, eBay or even Google. You are going to find affordable battery replacements for this model.