How to Test Your Webcam in Any PC

These days all the notebook computers (laptops) and even the desktop computers are coming with in-built webcams. And there is a reason for this – everyone wants to talk to their friends and family members online through a webcam. Services like Skype and YouNow have made is increasingly popular to include the in-built webcams in almost all the devices. Some of the notebook computers designed by companies like HP and Acer have very high quality cameras of resolutions as large as 16 megapixels.

If you have bought a new notebook computer and want to try out the camera quality then you can just install a software like YouCam which would basically take care of all of your webcam related requirements too. But if you do not want to install any software, then a quick and easy way is to visit a website that can access your webcam and show you how the camera is working.

One of such websites is the website: You can visit this website and it should ask you for the permission to access your webcam. You should choose “Allow” to let it access your webcam. If everything is working alright, you should be able to see yourself in the webcam captured on the webpage.

Webcam Test

But if you do not see any permission prompt from this website, it means that your webcam is switched off. You should plug it in, power it on, use the special keys to turn it on or do something to make sure that webcam is switched on. On certain laptops you would see some sort of LED glow to indicate that webcam is turned on. If none of this happens, then you should install the proper device drivers to make sure that your webcam is being recognized by your operating system.

Webcam test

After taking all the steps to switch on the webcam, you should refresh the above mentioned website and it should be able to seek the permission followed by displaying your webcam capture on the webpage. There are so many other websites too, but this website keeps things simpler and also gives good advice on how to set up the camera. It also displays the FPS of your camera.