Iris Mini Changes Color and Temperature of Screen

A few years ago, people used computers only at work but now they are carrying their work home through notebook computers. Staring at the blue light coming from the LED screens is not good for the health of your eyes in the long run. You may have trouble sleeping and you can even have strain in your eyes. Some people use blue light filter film that covers their screen and reduces the amount of blue light being emitted by the LED screens. But you can also use a software called Iris Mini to do the same.

Iris Mini is a free software to change the color and the temperature of your screen making it much for comfortable for your eyes. The software automatically determines your location and adjusts the color, brightness and the temperature of your screen according to the time of the day in your location. It decreases the screen brightness without affecting the screen frequency which means you won’t suffer from eye strains and pain when using computer at lower brightness.

Iris Mini

This software works in three modes – automatic, manual and paused. In the automatic mode, it handles everything on its own – during the day the brightness is 100% and during the night it is dropped to 80%. In the manual mode the screen temperature is reduced to 3400K and the screen brightness is 80% all the time. And in the paused mode, Iris Mini does not apply any color changes – the default system settings are used.

In order to switch from one mode to another, you can click on the small Iris Mini icon in the system tray. At each click, it will switch to the next mode. If you want to see options, then you have to right-click on this system tray icon.

Iris Mini

Conclusion: Iris Mini is an easy to use blue light blocker for your LED computer screens. It can help you keep your eyes healthy and restore the natural sleep cycle back.

You can download Iris Mini from