IObit MBR Guard Protects Boot Sector in Hard Drives

Different type of malware use different tricks to hide themselves from antivirus scanners and to load themselves in the memory undetected. One of the old tricks they use is infecting the MBR of a hard drive or any other type of fixed storage device. The MBR is a special type of boot sector located at the very beginning of a storage media and contains some of the essential information about the rest of the storage. Some malware including some recently detected ransomware like Petya and GoldenEye are know to attack the MBR of the hard drives to carry out their infection routines.

Usually all of the standard antivirus products can both protect the MBR of your hard drives and scan the MBR for any infection at the boot time. But if you need an extra layer of protection, then you can use IObit MBR Guard. This small tool is designed by the same people who are behind the popular IObit Malware Fighter. You can install it in any Windows computer and it will protect the MBR of all the fixed disks as well as the removable drives.

IObit MBR Guard

When you launch the MBR Guard by double-clicking on its icon, the only thing it says is the MBR Guard is ON. There are no settings to configure and nothing else to do on your end. The smart software is taking care of everything by itself. For the people who are not aware of what MBR is, it also tries to explain by giving a very small description of the MBR for the everyday users. It also goes on to explain about the importance of protecting the MBR and how some of the modern ransomware are exploiting the ages old MBR infection trick to make home in your computer.

Conclusion: IObit MBR Guard keeps a close eye on the MBR of alll the fixed disks as well as removable drives in your Windows PC. If you are using any standard antivirus software then this tool can act like an extra layer of defense.

You can download IObit MBR Guard from

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  1. Iobit MBR Guard is not working properly. i am using windows 10 version 1803 and if MBR guard is active and can not format my external hard drive, i have now tested it about ten times, putting it on and off

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