McAfee WebAdvisor Makes Web Browser Safe & Secure

Going online and visiting websites in the modern day and age is not certainly safe in any manner as you can get infected by malware if you are not careful. There are all kinds of malicious websites – phishing sites, drive by download sites, sites that are deceptively designed to steal your private information and so on. You have only your experience and knowledge to protect yourself from these, unless of course, you have installed McAfee WebAdvisor – a web browser plugin that protects you from harmful websites, protects from mis-clicking on the wrong links accidentally, checks downloaded files for malware, and provides you with typo protection.

The McAfee WebAdvisor browser plug-in comes in form of a setup installer package which installs this plugin for all the popular web browsers. After the installation, as you can perhaps guess, you have to restart the web browsers for the browser plug-in to work. All the modern web browsers ask you whether you want to enable the newly installed McAfee WebAdvisor. After enabling the newly installed plug-in, it will start to protect you right away.

McAfee WebAdvisor

When you visit a website, it will show you whether the website is safe or not by displaying a green or red icon in the browser toolbar. You can click on this icon and open the website report for more details about the website. You won’t find the site details for all the websites on the McAfee website – you will find such information only for some of the popular sites.

McAfee WebAdvisor

In the options for the McAfee WebAdvisor browser plug-in, you can choose to add any website to the trust list. You can also enable the secure search which basically sets Yahoo Search as your default search engine in the web browser. You can make it parse the search results on a search engine and tell you if the links are safe.

You can download McAfee WebAdvisor from