Find and Catalog Files in Windows Using ScanFS Utility

Windows has its own very efficient file searching function and it also keeps a regularly updated database of all the files on your various hard drives. But if you want an easier and simpler way to find and catalog your files in any folder, then you can use the free ScanFS utility. This utility can be either installed on your Windows PC or you can use it in portable mode. For using the portable mode, you will have to choose the manual installation mode and then drag-n-drop the files to a folder of your choice.

In the ScanFS application, you have to pick one or more folders. You can add more than one folders for searching the files inside. You can then type in the search term in the field labeled filename. You can type in the old fashioned filenames using wildcards (for example *.jpg) or you can use the regular expressions to find the files (for example file_\d\d). You can also put other boundaries for your use like the file size and the date modification for the files.

Apart from this, the most exciting feature in the ScanFS utility is its ability to find the files by their content. It is able to go through the contents of the files and look for strings inside the files. You can specify the expression that you are looking for using regular expressions, wild cards, whole words and can even search inside the binary files.


Furthermore, you can also choose to preview the some types of the files in a strip under the search results. For example, you can look at the previews of JPEG images in this fashion. The previews are shown only for the selected files. You can scroll through the previews of these files left and right.

Conclusion: ScanFS is an unusual file searching utility that supports regular expressions and unicode characters. You can use it in the portable mode or install it in your PC.

You can download ScanFS from