Take Care of Your Eyes When Using Computer with CareUEyes

People who have to work with computers in their daily lives and that covers most of us, have started to become aware of the injuries caused to the carpel tunnel by strenuous work on the keyboard. This injury is commonly known as the carpel tunnel syndrome and there is a simple way to avoid it – by taking some rest and stretching your arms every few hours. Just like your shoulders, back, neck and the arms, you should also take care of the eyes. Similar to the light exercises for preventing back bone problems or carpel tunnel syndrome, you can do give some rest to your eyes every now and then. And if you forget to do so, then CareUEyes can remind you without failure.

CareUEyes is a special software designed to remind you of giving a periodic rest to your eyes. Moreover, this software is also capable of filtering the blue light emitted by the LED screens. By default, CareUEyes forces you to take 3 minutes rest every 45 minutes by locking your PC for 3 minutes. You can customize this timer, and change the duration of rest and the frequency at which it appears. It gives you a form of snooze function so that you can delay the rest for a few minutes.


The blue light coming from your screen can disrupt your sleeping pattern. CareUEyes can automatically filter he blue light and make the screen look warmer and comfortable to the eyes, so that your eyes do not feel tired. You can choose many presets and customize them for the blue light setting such as normal, smart, office, game and night.


There is another software similar to CareUEyes called f.lux which does an awesome job of changing the colors, gamma and the brightness, but the latter does not show you any reminders to take a break from your daily work and to give some rest to your eyes.

You can download CareUEyes from https://care-eyes.com/.