Abelssoft AntiRansomware Protects Against Ransomware Attacks

In the last two months millions of people all over the world came to know about the term ransomware perhaps for the very first time in their lives and under very tragic conditions when their computers were attacked by the Wannacry ransomware. A ransomware is a malware that infects your PC with the sole purpose of encrypting your files and then demanding ransom money in exchange of decrypting them back. Many security firms have updated their existing security solutions to tackle the increasing menace of ransomware, some have released new software and still many more have made free tools available to public so that they can decrypt their files without having to pay anything to the cyber-criminals.

We have covered many god anti-ransomware products, both free and commercial, on our website that can help you fight against this threat. Another newly released product that we have just found is Abelssoft AntiRansomware. It is designed by a German software firm and promises to protect you from known and unknown ransomware alike.

Abelssoft AntiRansomware

It monitors the private files of a Windows user for suspicious changes and if a ransomware-like activity is detected, it intervenes and attempts to stop a possible ransomware before it can cause any damage. By default it monitors only four user folders – documents, pictures, music, videos locates in the user profile. But you can customize it and add many more folders to be monitored. Upon detection of the ransomware activity, it will ask you to reboot your PC to reverse the changes made by the ransomware.

It has been tested against 83 different ransomware in the Abelssoft labs and provides live updates to make sure that you stay protected against any possible new future ransomware threats. But this software does not offer any decryption tools to decrypt your already ransomware-encrypted files.

You can download Abelssoft AntiRansomware from https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/Security-Privacy/AntiRansomware.