Access Admin Commands Quickly with sys_minion for Windows

It is not very uncommon for the computer programmers to keep many reference books piled up in the book shelves or on their desks. They are very helpful when you are working on something and you have to find something really quick. Online search is fast but the time spent on different sites can make everything confusing. Some of the computer admins also keep reference books so they can look up different command to work with networks, computers and other such things that they have to work in everyday life.

If you are a system admin, then you can find some relief by using the freeware sys_minion. This tool contains many very commonly used admin commands that can be used by a system admin for system maintenance. It has all the different tools categorized on the left side – Common OS Disk Cleaning, Component Store, Device Drivers, Boot Menu, and the User Accounts.


One thing must be noted that sys_minion does not offer any tools of its own. It merely launches the tools that already exist in Windows. But it offers an easy to use interface even for the command line tools. For example, when you launch the OEM drivers repository, it actually runs a command line tool but then displays the collected data in a GUI from where you can easily selected old drivers.



For each of the tools, it displays complete information as to what the tool does and even displays the command line it is going to execute. This reminds me of an old now-defunct application called X-Setup Pro that I used to have on all of my computers.

Conclusion: The sys_minion is a  very handy small portable tool for carrying out some of the most common tasks that require a long command line with many different parameters. It can save your time in some cases in your everyday computing life.

You can download sys_minion from