Play Saints Row IV for Free on Steam

If you like movies that can fall in both the action and comedy categories (like Austin Powers : The International Man of Mystery), then you will love the game Saints Row IV. This game is basically an action game but you won’r find any serious and strenuous situations during the gameplay. Rather you would be smiling along as you play through the game.

Released in 2013, the Saints Row IV is available for free on Steam this weekend. The offer will end as soon as the clock hits midnight on Monday 14, 2017. And if you like this game, you can also get another offer and buy the game with a huge discount of 75%.

Saints Row IV

The Saints Row IV is an open-world game which means that you are free to go anywhere in the map, walk into any street as go inside any building. The game is third person shooter and does not force you to carry out missions of the game. You can play the story at your own pace or go into the small side missions.

The main story of the game is about preventing alien invasion. You are a member of the most powerful street gang and you are supposed to fight off the alien invasion working with others. Being the member of the most powerful gang, you become the President of the World and receive super-powers.

Saints Row IV

When the Saints Row game series was started, it was designed just as a parody of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. But since then it has acquired an identity of its own. This is perfect game to play on the weekends. If you make use of the Stream offer and play it for free, it will be auto-removed after the weekend is over.

You can visit Steam to play Saints Row IV for free at