Carbon Copy Cloner : Bootable Backup Solution for Mac OS

When it comes to Linux or Windows, there are hundreds of backup software solutions both free and commercial that cover each and every aspect of backing up your files. There are so many backup solutions that offer bootable disk creation using which you can boot into your PC even when Windows or Linux fails to work and then restore the data from the latest backup. But for Mac users there are not many backup solutions that offer bootable media other than the Carbon Copy Cloner.

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac OS is a feature loaded complete backup solution. The software is fully automatic and can be scheduled to run the backup tasks at pre-specified times. This takes care of the annoying task of the manual backing up of your most important data so that you can continue to get your applications, photos and files even in case of a hard drive crash.

Bootable Backups

One of the most interesting feature of Carbon Copy Cloner is the bootable backups of your hard drives. In the case of hard drive failure, you can just choose to boot from one the bootable backups (stored on an external storage) and keep using your Mac as usual. And you can attempt fixing your hard drive in your leisure.

Using a feature called Up-to-date it can copy all the system-specific data to the bootable backups. So you always have a fully-functional and bootable copy of your hard drive at hand. What this means is that you are always ready and prepared in an emergency.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Smart Automatic Backups

All the backup tasks created in Carbon Copy Cloner can be scheduled and this way it can perform all the backup tasks automatically when certain criteria is triggered. Basically, you can choose to schedule the tasks to be run automatically at every hour, daily, weekly or monthly. It offers two different modes : copy only the added/changed data or backup all the files of your hard disk. Ability to backup only the modified files not only saved the space needed on the backup storage, but it also makes the process quicker.

Clone Recovery HD

All the Mac computers contain a special partition called “recovery” which is used to reinstall Mac when such a need arises. If your hard drive crashes and becomes unusable, you can lose this recovery partition too preventing you from reinstalling Mac OS on your PC. But Carbon Copy Cloner is able to clone even this recovery partition too and save you from a lot of trouble.

Conclusion: Carbon Copy Cloner is perhaps the only solution that can offer you uninterrupted headache-free use of your Mac even in the case of hard drive crash through the bootable backups. It can perform automatic, smart backups, filter files, and even backup the Mac recovery volume. If you get one license, it can be used on every Mac in your home.

You can download Carbon Copy Cloner from