Pismo File Mount Audit : Load ZIP & ISO Files As Virtual Folders

There are so many different tools that can be used to load the ISO disk images as virtual optical drives, but there are very few tools that can load them as virtual folders. The Pismo File Mount Audit software package can load ISO and ZIP files as virtual folders. This way you do not have to install any virtual CD/DVD driver in your Windows PC just to mount the ISO images. In addition to mounting the ZIP and ISO files as virtual folders, Pismo File Mount Audit can also create and mount encrypted container files as private folders which can be used to store your sensitive information.

Here are some of the features of the Pismo File Mount Audit software:

1. Access ZIP files as folders

Using this software you can mount ZIP files as virtual folders and can access their content as if you are accessing any other regular folder in Windows File Explorer. If you want to extract the files somewhere else, then you can just drag-n-drop them or copy-paste to the destination folder.

2. Mount ISO & CISO images as virtual folders

It can be used to mount ISO images as virtual folders instead of virtual optical drives. The latter requires installation of a driver in your PC which is not necessary in the case of this software. it supports ISO and CISO disk images. This is also a little bit secure because this prevents any malicious autorun script from being run.

Pismo File Mount Audit

3. Store sensitive information in private folders

You can use it to create private folders which can be used to store your sensitive information. These private folders are actually encrypted PFO files that can optionally be compressed to save the disk space. You can right-click anywhere in the File Explorer and select New Private Folder to create such a PFO file. And later mount it by double-clicking on it and supplying the password that you used when creating this private folder.

Pismo File Mount Audit

4. Integrates into Windows File Explorer

Pismo File Mount Audit fully integrates into Windows File Explorer. You can right-click anywhere in any folder to create a private folder using the New menu. You can right-click on any of the supported files to mount them or to open them. The difference between mounting and opening them is that the latter does not give you any options and rather makes decision on its own by choosing the default mounting options.

Pismo File Mount Audit

5. Full mount and unmount control from one place

If you have mounted a lot of files and forget about them, then it also provides you with a Mount Control tool. This tool is accessible from the Start Menu shortcuts for the program. You can use this tool to view which of the files are currently being mounted as virtual folders and can unmount them. You can also mount new files using this tool.

Pismo File Mount Audit

Apart from these features, you can also convert one type of CD/DVD image file to another type (it supports ISO, CISO and CRF type images), create compact file set and create self extracting executable, using various standalone tools that come with the software package.

Verdict: Pismo File Mount Audit software is the easiest way of mounting ISO, ZIP and CISO files albeit they are loaded a virtual folders instead of virtual drives. It comes with a number of useful tools and integrates very well with File Explorer. For someone who handles disk image files on regular basis, this is a must-have software.

You can download Pismo File Mount Audit software from http://pismotec.com/.