Convert Video Formats on Mac Using ffmpegX

If you ask a vlogger, who has amassed a lot of money by making interesting videos and uploading them on the Youtube, which type of computer they use for editing the videos, they will start praising their Macbook non-stop. The powerful hardware of any Mac computer easily surpasses those of the usual Windows and Linux computers and makes video editing a brisk and easy job. And now you can use the popular FFMPEG media encoder on your Mac using the ffmpegX.

ffmpegX is a GUI frontend for the three powerful command line tools available mainly for the Linux users. This graphic user interface uses FFMPEG, MPEG2ENC and MENCODER to provide you with more than 20 powerful open-source video and audio processing tools. FFMPEG is the popular media encoder, MPEG2ENC is MPEG 2 encoder and multiplexer and MENCODER is the MPEG 4 encoder with support for the subtitles.


Using ffmpegX is very easy. You can just drop the source media file on the ffmpegX and it will scan the file to find media information about it like the video and audio codecs used by the source media. You can then choose the codecs for the target media format either using the quick preset or through the various tabs. More customization can be selected through all the different options like filters. For example, you can add subtitles file (.srt or .sub files) from the Filters tab.

After this you simply have to click on the Encode button and it will start encoding the file. In a few seconds the format of the media file will be converted and it will be available in the destination folder that you have selected. The application makes use of the all the resources available on your Mac to transcode the files as fast as possible.

Conclusion: ffmpegX is a very easy to use media encoder and multiplexer tool that is powered by the popular FFMPEG project. Using it is as easy as dropping a file and hitting the “Encode” button.

You can download ffmpegX from