FreeDriveC Helps Clean System Partition in Windows

There is a new trend among the Windows users – they install Windows operating system on an SSD (solid state drive) and use a secondary HDD (hard disk drive) for storing other files like music and documents or for storing regular backups. Since SSD is much faster than an HDD, this setup makes a Windows PC boot faster and work more efficiently. But because SSDs are very expensive and offer only a small storage space, the secondary HDD with a large storage capacity works great for storing all the less frequently used files.

When you install Windows on an SSD, you want to make sure that it is free of all the unnecessary files and perform a regular cleanup of your system partition. This is where a freeware FreeDriveC can help you out. It is a small program that does not offer any tools of its own, rather it acts gives you shortcuts to access all the tools that are built inside Windows itself.

Through FreeDriveC you can view and toggle the hibernation for your PC (hibernation can easily take up 2 GB of disk space on a typical computer), you can view the System Restore status and change its settings, you can see how much space is being take up by Virtual Memory and change the related settings, you can uninstall programs, you can run disk cleanup to free up unnecessary files, you can choose to compact the operating system and enable NTFS compression.


All these functions will free up the disk space on your system partition, but we do not recommend the last two (compact the operating system and NTFS compression) as they might adversely affect the performance of your system. Apart from these, it also gives some shortcuts to access other very common tools in Windows like Disk Optimizer, Management, Security etc.

Conclusion: FreeDriveC gives easy shortcuts to access in-built Windows tools and settings so that you can keep your Windows partition lean and working efficiently. But care must be taken as some of these options may affect the overall performance of your system.

You can download FreeDriveC from