Cut Large Videos Into Smaller Clips Using VidCutter

VidCutter is an open source software that is able to slice large videos into a number of smaller clips. This program works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It does not need any extra plugins, runtimes or media codecs to cut the larger videos into smaller video clips. It is great if you want to remove some parts of the video that you have recorded using your camera or want to extract a particular section from a video file.

Unlike many similar programs VidCutter is able to extract several clips from one video and later join them together. This way you can extract the portions of a video in one go instead of extract several clips and then joining them together using some other external tool. Additionally, you can also add some external clips to be joined together with the extracted clips.


You begin by launching VidCutter and loading a video from which you want to extract the video clips. You can then select the sections of the video that you want to extract using the “start clip” and “end clip” buttons. You can mark as many sections in the video as you want. All the sections marked will be listed as clips in the right-side listbox. All these clips will be joined together in the final extracted video clip.

If you want to add external video clips then you can click on the “Add” button. These video clips will be joined with the final extracted clip in the end. Finally, you can click on the “Save Media” button and it will save the video file in the MP4 file. The process will take more or less time depending on the number of video clips and their file types.

Conclusion: VidCuttter is an easy-to-use video cutter and joiner for various platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. It is ideal for novice video editors who want to extract and join video files for publishing them online.

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