CudaText is Cross Platform Portable Text Editor

When on a Windows computer, I almost always use Notepad++ for all the text editing and casual coding needs. While an excellent text editor Notepad++ is missing some of the key functions often desired in source code editors. Instead you can use another open-source text editor called CudaText which offers syntax highlighted code editing for all the popular programming languages. It shows a code tree on the left side which makes it very easy to navigate through the source code file from one node to another.

CudaText is designed using Lazarus which is an open-source replacement for Borland Delphi. Lazarus came into existence years ago when Borland Delphi was replaced with a much bloated .NET version. It supports a large number of programming languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, XML etc. For all of these languages, it displays syntax highlighted code. If you want to publish your code or code snippet online, then it can also convert the source code in color-coded HTML code.


Of all the supported languages, HTML is the one that CudaText supports the most. You can basically use CudaText as your HTML code editor since it also supports CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and XML. For all of these languages used in web development, it features a special tool to automatically format the code. Furthermore, it also has a plugin that allows you to upload your source code files to an FTP server. This way you can download, edit and re-upload the files from your web service providers FTP using a single program.

Even though CudaText is focused on programming languages, it can also be used for casual text editing. And since it is offered in the portable format, you can keep it somewhere on your hard drive for anytime text editing needs.

You can download CudaText from