Device Doctor : Scan and Update Device Drivers in Windows

Device drivers are the small programs that serve as a bridge between the operating system and the hardware. In order for the operating system to correctly identify the hardware and to interface with it properly, these drivers are needed. Usually every computer comes with some sort of driver CD/DVD that can be used to install these drivers later on. But the hardware manufacturers often release updated versions of the device drivers which offer more features, better performance, compatibility with new versions of operating systems and fix some problems or vulnerabilities.

The free Device Doctor software can scan your system for all the installed device drivers and show you a list of the ones for which a newer version is available. These newer device drivers can then be installed in your Windows PC to make it much more stable and compatible with newer operating systems, programs and games.

Device Doctor

In order to use Device Doctor to find any new versions of device drivers in your PC, you can either install it in your PC or use the portable version. The portable version does not need to be installed, but it is an older version of the software. As soon as it is launched, Device Doctor starts to scan your system for device drivers. The list of device drivers is sent to their servers and a list of available new device drivers is received. After this,  you can make selection these newer versions of driver software that you want to download and install.

Device Doctor servers keep a large number of device drivers in the backup. According to their website, they have over 3 TB of device drivers database for various peripherals and other hardware. This is why the download of drivers is both easier and quicker when you are using Device Doctor.

Conclusion: Device Doctor can quickly scan your PC for older device drivers, download the newer versions and install them for you. In the Pro version, you can also create a backup of your currently installed drivers so that you can revert to them anytime later.

You can download Device Doctor from