Find Video File Information Using VideoInfo Express

With the ever increasing download speeds of the internet these days, watching, streaming and downloading videos has become so easier. Now you can watch movies on Netflix or Hulu with as high resolution as 2K without any problem. But when you create videos of your own in order to share them with others you should know more about the codecs used, frame rate and resolution for these videos. In some cases, you may want to change these using any efficient video converter software.

If you want to find out about the video meta data such as the one mentioned above, then you can use the free software VideoInfo Express. The software uses the “FFProbe.exe” program which is a part of the popular open-source FFmpeg package. If you do not already know, FFmpeg is a cross-platform software suite to convert, record and stream many different type of media files. However the VideoInfo Express renames the “FFProbe.exe” to “ClientInfo.exe” during the installation for some mysterious reason.

VideoInfo Express

Whenever you want to know more about the meta data of the video or audio files, you can load them into the VideoInfo Express window. It will give you details about the video stream as well as the audio stream. But if you want even more details about the various streams from the media file loaded in the VideoInfo Express, then you should switch to the various tabs dedicated to these streams.

Usually video files have only two streams – one for the video data and other for the audio data. Some media files have more than one audio streams. For example, the DVD videos sometimes contain many audio streams for different languages. VideoInfo Express can process all these streams and show you all the detailed information about them all.

You can download VideoInfo Express from