FreeMove : Move the Installation Folders in Windows

The newer solid state drives (SSD) are faster and consume less power than the older hard disk drives (HDD) and this is why many people are choosing them. Some people, like myself, buy notebook computers with HDD and then replace them with a SSD. Many others want to keep the benefits of both the SSD and HDD, so they install the operating system on SSD (making it load faster), and use the HDD for backing up files not so much frequently used. There comes a time when you have to move programs from small capacity SSD to a large capacity HDD and this is where the free program FreeMove can help you out.

If you have installed programs on your computer and want to move them from their installation folder to another folder on the same drive or some other drive or partition, then FreeMove is the ideal solution. It is able to move the directories without breaking the installation or the shortcuts so that you can keep using the program being moved without any problem just like before.


If you are moving a directory located in a location that requires administrative privileges then you have to launch the FreeMove program and select the program directory that you want to move. Then select the folder that you want to be the new folder for the selected program. After this, you can click on the Move button and in a few seconds it will be done.

The way it works is by creating a symbolic link for the original folder in the new folder. All the files and the sub-folders from the original folders are moved to the new folder location, but the original folder remains. You should not delete the original folder as it is needed for the symbolic link.

Conclusion: FreeMove makes it very easy to move installed programs from one folder to another or from one partition to another. It is portable program and works without installation on all the versions of Windows.

You can download FreeMove from