How to Watch Live Video Stream of Total Solar Eclipse

Next total solar eclipse to be observed in the United States will be on the 21st of August, 2017. Before this such a total solar eclipse that could be seen from all over the United States occurred in 1909. There will be many more total solar eclipses after this, but why wait? You should enjoy this unique celestial event that has mesmerized human beings for centuries. This is why NASA has created a special page will all the information for the people who are interested in watching the total solar eclipse. For example, you can find information about how to protect your eyes when looking at the solar eclipse.

But if the clouds ruin your plan of watching the eclipsed Sun, then you can always watch it through online live video streaming provided by NASA. Thanks to the clever people at NASA, you can watch the total solar eclipse not only from various points on the ground using a fleet of high range telescopes of the space agency. They will also provide pictures captured from a number of aircrafts and balloons.

Solar Eclipse

NASA has provided two links – one is for basic information and safety about solar eclipse ( and the second link is for watching the live video stream of the solar eclipse on 21st August ( he live video stream will start at 12 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on 21st August 2017. It will start with a preview show that will go on for one hour. The real solar eclipse will be shown starting from 1 PM.

As expected, the traffic to the NASA website will increase and you may not be able to view the live video stream properly. In that case, you can go to which also shows you the live broadcast of the total solar eclipse. For this Twitter has collaborated with The Weather Channel. The live video stream will start at 12 PM EDT on 21st August 2017.